About ApsWebPro

Background Overview

Before venturing into web development, I earned my Computer Science degree in 2001, where I gained expertise in a range of programming languages from assembly and COBOL to Visual Basic, C++ and the likes. Post-graduation, I pursued a role as an AS400 Analyst Programmer, specializing in RPG, RPGLE, and SQLRPGLE within the banking industry.  

However, when things became rough during the 2008 financial crisis, I shifted focus to web development, initially on my own through an independent Coldfusion study due to the demands of my first client. And eventually advancing to PHP and well-known content management platforms like WordPress. My understanding of object-oriented programming expanded as I became acquainted with PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Yii2, F3, Laravel, PhalconPHP, and applied them to a variety of client projects. I am currently thoroughly enjoying myself in my exploration of the security and stability of the fastest new Trongate Framework and eagerly anticipating new projects with it. 

It's been a privilege to study new technologies while making a living, and I enjoy delving web hosting configurations and playing around with Python, Go, Node.js, and other new tech that catches my attention to expand my knowledge. My main objective is to develop software that improves everyone's quality of life. Thus, I'm appreciative of every opportunity to perform well. 


Objective and Aspiration

As a web developer, my primary aim is to cater to the specific website requirements of my clients. There's immense satisfaction in aiding businesses by providing them with the digital solutions they need to thrive. My ultimate objective is to leverage my skills and knowledge to empower others in reaching their business objectives effectively. By understanding their needs and utilizing my expertise, I strive to create tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations, ultimately contributing to their success.


Why ApsWebPro?

Let me clarify Apswebpro. APS? Simply my initials, nothing extravagant. And "web"? That's my specialty – developing websites. And "pro"? It's about reliability and providing excellent service. My aim is to utilize my skills to elevate your projects. Whether resolving minor issues or creating a new site from scratch, I'm dedicated to assisting and ensuring excellence. Let's collaborate to transform your web concepts into reality!  

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